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Test device Series for medical Anaesthesia Breathing Circuit and Hemodialysis Line producing process

  • Pump Line Performance Detector

    Pump Line Performance Detector

    Style: FD-1
    The tester is designed and manufacturer according to YY0267-2016 5.5.10 <<Hemodialysis and Hemopurification Device External Circle Blood Line>> It applies external blood line examination

    1)、Flow range at 50ml/min ~ 600ml/min
    2)、Accuracy: 0.2%
    3)、Negative pressure range: -33.3kPa-0kPa;
    4)、High precise mass flowmeter installed;
    5)、Thermostatic water bath installed;
    6)、Keep constant negative pressure
    7)、Testing result automatically printed
    8)、Real-time display for error range

  • Waste Liquid Bag Leakage Detector

    Waste Liquid Bag Leakage Detector

    Style: CYDJLY
    1)Differential Pressure Transducer: accuracy±0.07%FS RSS,, Measurement accuracy±1Pa, but ±2Pa when below 50Pa;
    Min. Display:0.1Pa;
    Display range: ±500 Pa;
    Transducer range: ±500 Pa;
    Max. pressure resistance on one side of the transducer: 0.7MPa.
    2)Leakage rate display range: 0.0Pa~±500.0Pa
    3)Leakage rate limitation: 0.0Pa~ ±500.0Pa
    4)Pressure transducer: transducer range: 0-100kPa,Accuracy ±0.3%FS
    5)Channels: 20(0-19)
    6)Time: Set range:0.0s to 999.9s.

  • Extrusion Machine for Medical Products

    Extrusion Machine for Medical Products

    Technical parameters: (1)Tube cutting diameter(mm): Ф1.7-Ф16 (2)Tube cutting length(mm): 10-2000 (3)Tube cutting speed: 30-80m/min(tube surface temperature under 20℃) (4)Tube cutting repeat precision: ≦±1-5mm (5)Tube cutting thickness: 0.3mm-2.5mm (6)Air flow: 0.4-0.8Kpa (7)Motor: 3KW (8)Size(mm): 3300*600*1450 (9)Weight(kg): 650 Automatic cutter parts list (standard) NAME MODEL BRAND FREQUENCY INVERTER DT SERIES MITSUBISHI PLC PROGRAMMABLE S7 SEIRES SIEMENS SERVO ...