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Series of Testing Medical Needle (Tubing)

  • Breaking Force and Connection Fastness Tester

    Breaking Force and Connection Fastness Tester

    Product Name:  LD-2 Breaking Force and Connection Fastness Tester

  •  ZC15811-F Medical Needle Penetration Force Tester

     ZC15811-F Medical Needle Penetration Force Tester

    The tester adopts a 5.7-inch color touch screen to show menus: nomial outside diameter of needle, type of tubing wall, test , test times, upstream, downstream, time and standardization. it displays maximum penetration force and five peak forces ( i.e F0, F1, F2, F3 and F4) in real time, and the built -in printer can print the report.
    Tubing wall: normal wall, thin wall, or extra thin wall is optional
    Nominal outside diameter of needle:  0.2mm ~1.6mm
    Load Capacity:  0N~5N, with an accuracy of ±0.01N.
    Movement speed:  100mm/min
    Skin Substitute:  Polyurethane foil compliant with GB 15811-2001

  • ZG9626-F Medical Needle ( Tubing ) Stiffness Tester

    ZG9626-F Medical Needle ( Tubing ) Stiffness Tester

    The tester is controlled by PLC, and it adopts a 5.7 inch color touch screen to show menus: designated metric size of tubing, type of tubing wall, span, bending force , maximum deflection, , print setup, test, upstream, downstream, time and standardization, and the bulit -in printer can print the test report.
    Tubing wall: normal wall, thin wall, or extra thin wall is optional.
    designated metric size of the tubing: 0.2mm ~4.5mm
    bending force: 5.5N~60N, with an accuracy of ±0.1N.
    Load Velocity: to apply downwards at a rate of 1mm/min to the tubing the specified bending force
    Span: 5mm~50mm(11 specifications ) with an accuracy of ±0.1mm
    Deflection test: 0~0.8mm with an accuracy of ±0.01mm

  • ZR9626-D Medical Needle ( Tubing ) Resistance Breakage Tester

    ZR9626-D Medical Needle ( Tubing ) Resistance Breakage Tester

    The tester adopts a 5.7 inch color LCD to show menus: type of tubing wall, bending angle, designated, metric size of the tubing, distance between rigid support and point of application of bending force, and number of bending cycles, PLC realizes program setup, which ensures tests are performed automatically.
    Tubing Wall: normal wall, thin wall, or extra thin wall is optional
    Designated metric size of the tubing: 0.05mm~4.5mm
    Frequency under test: 0.5Hz
    Bending angle: 15° , 20° and 25° ,
    Bending distance: with an accuracy of ±0.1mm,
    Number of cycles: to bend the tubing in one direction and then in the opposite direction, for 20cycles