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Infusion And Transfusion Therapy


The series is widely used in the manufacturing of various types of blood transfusion (fluid) tube,elastic grade blood transfusion (liquid) tube,dripchamber,for “disposable liquid (liquid) equipment or precision transfusion (liquid) appliances.”

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Non-phthalates type can be customized
High transparency and excellent processing
Good resilience
Adapt to EO sterilization and Gamma Ray stenilization











Tensile strength(Mpa)






180℃Heat Stability (Min)



Reductive Material






Product Introduction

Infusion and transfusion PVC compounds are specially formulated materials used in the production of medical devices such as IV bags and tubing. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a versatile thermoplastic that offers several advantages for these applications.Infusion and transfusion PVC compounds are designed to meet strict medical standards, ensuring biocompatibility and safety for use in contact with human blood and fluids. These compounds are typically formulated with plasticizers to improve flexibility and softness, so they can be easily manipulated and connected to medical devices.The PVC compounds used for infusion and transfusion applications are also engineered to be resistant to chemicals commonly found in medical settings, such as medications and cleaning agents. They are designed to have good barrier properties, ensuring that the substances being administered to patients are safely contained within the bags or tubing.Additionally, infusion and transfusion PVC compounds are often formulated with additives that provide UV resistance and antimicrobial properties to prevent the growth of bacteria on the surface of the medical devices. This helps reduce the risk of contamination during blood transfusions or medication administration.It is important to note that while PVC compounds have been widely used in medical applications for many years, there are ongoing concerns about the potential release of harmful substances such as phthalates during the manufacture and use of PVC-based medical devices. Manufacturers are continuously working to develop alternative materials and formulations that address these concerns.Overall, infusion and transfusion PVC compounds play a crucial role in the medical field by providing safe and reliable materials for the production of IV bags and tubing. These compounds offer excellent performance characteristics and are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of medical applications.

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