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Breaking Force and Connection Fastness Tester


Product Name:  LD-2 Breaking Force and Connection Fastness Tester

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The tester is designed and manufactured according to YY0321.1 "Single -use puncture set for local anesthesia"  and YY0321.2 " Single-use needle for anesthesia", It can test the minimum forces required to break the catheter , the union of the catheter and catheter connector. the bond between the hub and needle tube . and the connection between the stylet and stylet cap.
Displayable force range: adjustable from 5N to 70N; resolution: 0.01N; error: within ±2% of reading
Test speed: 500mm/min, 50mm/min,5mm/min; error: within ±5%
Duration: 1s~60s; error: within ±1s, with LCD display
A Breaking Force and Connection Fastness Tester is a device used to measure the breaking force and connection fastness of various materials or products. The tester typically consists of a sturdy frame with clamps or grips to hold the sample securely. It is equipped with a force sensor and a digital display for accurate measurement of breaking force. The force sensor applies tension or pressure to the sample until it breaks or the connection fails, and the maximum force required for this is recorded. Connection fastness refers to the strength and durability of joints or connections in products. The tester can simulate different types of connections, such as adhesive bonding, to evaluate their strength and reliability .By using a Breaking Force and Connection Fastness Tester, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet quality standards and can withstand the required forces during use. This helps to improve product safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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