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Oxygen mask plastic injection mold/mould


1. Mould base: P20H LKM
2. Cavity Material: S136 , NAK80 ,SKD61 etc
3. Core Material: S136 , NAK80, SKD61 etc
4. Runner: Cold or Hot
5. Mould Life: ≧3millons or ≧1 millons moulds
6. Products Material: PVC, PP, PE, ABS, PC, PA, POM etc.
7. Design Software: UG. PROE
8. Over 20years Professional Experiences in Medical Fields.
9. High Quality
10. Short Cycle
11. Competitive Cost

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Equipment List

Machine  Name Quantity ( pcs ) The original country
CNC      5 Japan/Taiwan
EDM      6 Japan/China
EDM ( Mirror)      2 Japan
Wire Cutting  ( fast )      8 China
Wire Cutting  ( Middle )      1 China
Wire  Cutting  ( slow )      3 Japan
Grinding      5 China
Drilling      10 China
Lather     3 China
Milling     2 China

Mould  Process

1.R&D We receive  customer 3D   drawing or sample with details requirements
2.Negotiation Confirm   with clients details about: the cavity, runner, quality, price,   material, delivery time, payment item, etc.
3.Place an order  According your clients design   or chooses our suggestion design.
4. Mould First   We send mould design to customer approval before We make the mould and then start   production.
5. Sample  If   the first sample come out is not satisfied customer, we modify the mould and   until meet customers satisfactory.
6. Delivery time 35~45days

Product Introduction

An oxygen mask is a device used to provide oxygen to a patient. It is usually made of a soft plastic material that covers the entire mouth and nose area and is connected to an oxygen source. The purpose of an oxygen mask is to supply pure oxygen to the patient through the air inlet hole in the mask to increase their oxygen intake. This is important in some situations, such as: Severe dyspnea: Certain respiratory diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), may cause patients to have difficulty breathing. Oxygen masks provide a high concentration of oxygen to help them breathe easier. Acute Oxygen Needs: Certain acute conditions, such as a heart attack or shock, may require the patient to quickly obtain an increased oxygen supply. Oxygen masks can provide high concentrations of oxygen to meet their needs. When using an oxygen mask, the doctor will adjust the appropriate flow rate and concentration according to the patient's needs. The mask should fit correctly over the patient's mouth and nose area and ensure a good seal for efficient oxygen delivery. It should be noted that the patient's breathing and reactions should be closely observed when using an oxygen mask to ensure appropriate oxygen intake. The mask itself also needs to be cleaned and disinfected frequently to reduce the risk of infection. In summary, an oxygen mask is a device that can be used to provide a high concentration of oxygen to a patient. It can be used in patients with severe breathing difficulties or acute oxygen needs and requires appropriate use and monitoring under the guidance of a physician.

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