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Enhance Efficiency and Precision with Our Three-Way Stopcock Solutions


A three-way stopcock is made of stopcock body (made up by PC), core valve (made us by PE), Rotator (made up by PE), protective cap (made us by ABS), Screw cap( made us by PE), one way connector (made up by PC+ABS).

  • Pressure: over 58PSI/300Kpa
  • Holding time: 30S 2 female luer lock, 1 male luer lock rotative
  • Material: PC, PE, ABS
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    It is made up by imported material, body is transparent, core valve can be rotated 360°with no any limited, tight rodent without leakage, fluid flow direction is accurate, it can be used for interventional surgery, good performance for drug resistance and pressure resistance.

    It can be provided with sterile or non-sterial in bulk. It is produced in 100,000 grade purification workshop. we receive CE certificate ISO13485 for our factory.

    It was saled to almost all of the world including Europe, Brasil, UAE, USA, Korea, Japan, Africa etc. it was received high reputation from our customer. Quality is stable and reliable.

    Three way stopcock is a medical device used to control the flow of liquid or gas in three different directions. It consists of three ports that can be connected to tubing or other medical equipment. The stopcock has a handle that can be rotated to open or close different ports, allowing for the control of flow between the ports.Three-way stopcocks are often used in medical procedures such as blood transfusions, IV therapy, or invasive monitoring. They provide a convenient and efficient way to connect multiple devices or lines to a single access point. By rotating the handle, healthcare professionals can control the flow between different lines, redirecting or stopping the flow as needed.Overall, the three-way stopcock is a simple but important device that helps healthcare professionals manage fluid flow during medical procedures effectively.

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